We are glad you ask

We are a community of international photographers trying to give something back to the industry. In the form of a monthly photo contest.
We strive to become the online portfolio base for all the uncovered yet unique artists out there. Pathing the way out of obscurity.

We realized there are a lot of super talented artist out there that can’t seems to find a way to show the world their special talent, they feel too different or
inadequate. Too intimidated by the established contest of the highest calibre that was won regularly by the (semi) pros.
Here we celebrate uniqueness. We want to celebrate you, artists who dare to stay true and create their own style. No matter what.

We want the real you, your real work. Not work you create for the judges, not work you think the judges will like. That is why our judges identity is not reveal.
Now show us what you got.

Open your third eye and unleashed upon the world, the magnificent creative tour de force that is, you!