We run a monthly contest that are design to draw the best out of you. We will challenge your creativity and skills. We do not just looking for a beautiful picture but we are looking for work that speaks loud and make you think and wonder and then left you inspired and then you goes into the “damn i wish i have think of that” mode.

We will force you to always upgrade your skill and creativity, get out of your comfort zone and start reaching for a new level that you never thought existed

For each month of contest we only accepted a maximum of 3 entries per artists. This is in line with our emphasis on quality over quantity. Pick your 3 best shots or less even if you can afford to pay for the entry for 50 shots. This will ensure we maintain a high level of work and will push you, the artist, to be more critical of your own work and not rely on the saying of “it’s free to shoot digital, so go nuts”. Having one great shot by luck out of hundreds of shots is not the kind of artist we are looking for. We want you to stand tall and be held accountable for your own creativity.

For our debut contest we want to see your best travel shots, give us something that will make everyone who look at it want to abandone their job and start packing and go out there. Give us your best work that affirm the believe that travel is the best thing in the world to do.

Upgrade your skill and then stand a chance to win $2.000 in price money for the best work of the month.

Outside of the one grand winner of the month a total of 10 best submission of the month will make our hall of fame and will be eternalize on our special hall of fame gallery and received $100 each.
We hope to continuously develop this gallery to the highest level as to become difinitive referal point for work of the highest standard.

Sign up as a member and enjoy the advantage. As a member each of your participations is recorded and for every 5 participation you will received a free entry on your next participation.