I am not a professional photographer, can i still join?

Hell yeah, everyone is welcome to join. In fact we encourage amateur and beginner to take part. We want that hidden gem, and we think you are that gem.

I don’t have any money, can i still join?

Unfortunately the answer for this one is a no. We require an entry fee to ensure that only serious artist is involve in our contest. There are no quicker way to improve yourself than to put yourself in direct competition with others.

How can i pay?

We accept payment through credit card with MasterCard and Visa and also through PayPal

What are the prizes if i win?

For one grand winner of the month we will give out $2.000 and $100 each for 10 finalist that make it into the hall of fame. (prices are in US dollar) Prizes money will be paid to winner and finalist through PayPal at the latest 10 days after annoucement.

What is the size of the image that is acceptable?

We accept only JPG image with a maximum of 4MB and a minimum of 1200 pixel at the longest side. with no signature of any kind.

Some people warn me about copyright grabbing from contest provider. What happen to my copyright if i join?

Nothing. Nothing happens to it. You still own a full and unrestricted copyright to all your submitted work. We will not use your work outside of the website or our social medias network that are use directly to promote the contest., let alone selling your work to any third party. Even if you turn out to be our grand winner, you still fully own all the rights to the winning image.

How is the judging process done?

Our panel of selected judges (5 individuals) work individually off each other. Each submitted entry will get sent to our judges private account without any name attached. They will be judged blindly. Point of 1-100 are given on each shots and the one with highest average score will be our grand winner and the 10 highest will be our esteem finalist. At the case of same score for more than one shots judges will give a straight “yay” or “nay” vote on each shots with same score, shots with highest yay win. If (this is very rare) the tie still can’t be broken all judges will discuss it in the judges forum until they all agree on one winner.
This only apply for shots with the highest score of all, it doesn’t matter if a few or all of the 10 finalist is getting the same score as we don’t rank our finalist. All 10 finalist is equal.

I don’t own any fancy expensive camera and lenses, what are my chances of winning the contest?

As high as any other participant. Expensive gears surely does make the job easier but it doen’t mean much in the hand of a bad artist. They might get the odd good shots every now and then but we believe in creativity. A blur picture that speak loudly about the theme we are looking for stands a greater chance to win than a boring “done by everyone angle” even if its sharp. We are looking for a unique perspective

Why should i sign up as a member and what advantage does it have?

If you join us as a member then after every 5th entry to our contest you will received free entry on the next contest. Say you join all of our contest in one calendar year, if you are joining as a member you will only be paying entry fee for the 10 of the 12 contest.

Can i edit my photograph?

Yeah sure, please do enhance your shot to achieved the looks and feels that you want. But please do not manipulated the picture into something that is fundamentaly different from the original scene. ie: adding the moon into a moonless sky

I have 10 incredible shots that i think all deserved the chance to be submitted into this contest, can i submit them all?

No. In each contest we only accept a maximum of 3 works per artist. We want you to be more critical of your own work and be able to pick just the best. If you still honestly think the rest of the shots is good enough maybe you can submit them to the next month contest.

Can i view my submitted shots?

yes you can view your submitted shots in our monthly gallery. However, they are only available untill the first week of the next month/contest. ie: you submit your shots for the November contest, the submission gallery of the month on November will only be available untill the 7th of December. The hall of fame gallery will always be available to view though.

I have uploaded my shots and pay but i can’t see my image in the gallery

Sometimes due to high traffic, shots are uploaded slower than normal to our server. If however after 24 hour and you still haven’t received confirmation email or see your shots in our gallery please send an email to us.
If you don’t like to read it in a form of questions, here it is in a form of statements

  1. Contest is open worldwide, to anyone over the age of 18 or with an accompany letter of consent from parents or legal guardian but not including staff of The Third Eye Pte Ltd. and their immidiate family. And/or the staff and immidiate family of our sponsors.
  2. We only accept submission in the form of JPG file with a maximum size of 4MB and a minimum of 1200 pixel on the longest side. No watermark should be visible anywhere on the photo.
  3. We only accept a maximum of 3 submission per contest/artist to ensure only the best work get submitted and make artist focus more on the quality rather than quantity when making shots.
  4. Payment is accepted through credit card (master and visa) and PayPal and prizes money will be paid out directly to winners PayPal account. Please make sure that you own a PayPal account, The Third Eye won’t be held responsible if winners are unable to received prize money due to inavailability of Paypal account.
  5. Submission fee for our first ever contest is a one flat fee of $10 for up to 3 submissions. In the future our normal pricing will be set at $10 for 1 shot, $15 for 2 shots and $18 for 3 shots.
  6. Contest run from the 1st day of the month to the last. Ending on the midnight of the last day of the month at 00:00 Singapore time.
  7. Winner and finalist/hall of famers will be announced 7 days after the closing time and will be posted on the website and our subsequent social medias and winner will be receiving personal message directly from us.
  8. We accept credit card payment through master or visa and paypal and all price stated on this website is in US Dollar.
  9. Winning prize for each contest is currently set at $2.000 for one grand prize winner each month. And $100 each for 10 finalist that make it into the hall of fame of each contest month.
  10. We want artist to be able to freely expressing their creativity in creating a shot and encourage digital editing to enhance the work but do bear in mind that this is a photography contest and not digital art contest. Correction in contrast and saturation is all fine but an overuse will serve as and disadvantage to you in the eyes of our judges. Manipulation that changes to ambient of the real picture is forbidden, ie: digitally adding the moon into a moonless sky. A combination of 2 or more pictures is not allow, submission must be one original picture (with digital enhancement at artist’s discreetion)
  11. Artist are responsible for the works they submitted. All subjected copyright issues that might occur with their work must be taken care of prior to submission to our website. The Third Eye will not be held accountable for any third party copyright issue be it individual or corporation.
  12. The Third Eye will never claim copyright ownership of all the submitted works to our website. Artist will always own the full copyright to their submitted works.
    We will only use your work on this website and our social networks in activity that are directly promoting the contest. We have no right to use your works for any other activity that serve no direct connection to the monthly contest.
    However, we will not be held responsible if any third party is to take one or more of the submitted works from our website without our consent.
  13. All submitted work will be blind judged by our panel of experts. Each judge will received the submitted work to their special account without any information
    at all. your work alone is all that the judge got to work with. Work with the highest average point from all of our 6 judges will be the grand winner. The other 10 highest shots will make it to our hall of fame gallery and received $100 each.
  14. There are no refund after you have submitted your shots if you decide to change your mind.